What Makes a Successful Production Experience?

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One of the perks of being in the video business is that we must learn a lot about our clients in a very short period of time.  It becomes total immersion in an alternate world for all of us at LDM when we  tackle large projects.

We just finished a 3-day shoot with Moran Edwards Asset Management of Wells Fargo Advisors that involved their entire staff of 25 people, a roster of 11 professional actors, 6 non-professional actors and our staff of 7.  That’s a big crowd to manage!

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What was so rewarding about that experience was how much fun we all had!  Not only did we get to know some extraordinary people whose daily world is completely different from ours, we also had the opportunity to tell THEIR audience THEIR story through our eyes!  That process is where our creativity and sensitivity to our client’s needs and image becomes what we as a company are really selling!

It is hard to describe the satisfaction that results from successfully delivering what our client envisions, and in the process knowing everyone has had a good time and made new friends!

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This was a complicated shoot with multiple locations, multiple cameras, difficult lighting situations and unique production situations.  We started with our actors arriving on an 86-foot yacht and ended with a big crane shot of the entire staff at the front entrance of the company two days later.  With good planning, scheduling and a clear vision of what we were trying to deliver, we succeeded in capturing some extraordinary video.  The best part was that at the end of three intense days, we all were smiling and hugging people we had only met two days before.  That is always a clear sign of a successful shoot.  At LDM we are fortunate to have lots of those kinds of experiences!