Can Video Help Your Non-Profit?

As we work with our non-profit clients, it is always a joy to become immersed in the good work they do in our community.  To capture and share stories of need and impact are always uplifting. While many of the videos we do are designed for presentation at Gala Fundraisers, there are an equal number that tell the story of what a charitable organization actually does.  In fact, the first priority of a non-profit that must raise funds to support good work, is to let the community know your story.  

Who are you?

 What do you do?

 Why do you do it?

 And what is your impact?

Videos that serve this purpose for organization websites are the first, best way to introduce visitors to mission — the heart and soul of every charitable venture.  Making that first impression on those who seek to know more about us is the first step in gaining a volunteer, a donor, or major sponsor.  There is nothing like inviting a web visitor to being on the “front lines” of an organization via video as it carries out its good work.  In this MEALS OF HOPE video, CEO Steve Popper covers all the bases for people who want to know more about how they can stage a huge meal packing event.  They do this work all over the country, from small churches to huge Civic Organizations.  The energy is palpable for those who participate, and the results are incredibly satisfying.  Please enjoy this Meals of Hope Video.  How would you tell your story to web visitors, in presentations, and in funding requests?  Give us a call for a free consultation!