Increasing Fundraising Results USING Video and The Right “Call to Action”

Most successful non-profit CEOs and Development Directors already know that video is vital for communicating mission and impact.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures.  Seeing and feeling the emotional and practical outcomes of charity initiatives through a beautiful video is the most important aspect of motivating donors.

A great video will take into consideration your target audience – and for most non-profits, this is first their donor base and board members. Donations fuel mission fulfillment, and a call-to-action in your video must be carefully honed for the most lucrative results.

In the following video for MUSIC SCORES, a Naples non-profit which “creates learners through pre-k literacy violin,” the video call-to-action is focused, clear, and unambiguous.  It occurs after the “story” and “outcomes” sequences, which are engaging, impressive, and justify the value proposition for possible donors.  There is no doubt what the audience is being asked to do.  Finally, contact information and next steps on how to become involved are specific and concise.

Remember this important tip when engaging in your video production for next year’s Gala, for your website, newsletter, or in presentations to important constituents!  And, yes, our blog has its own call-to-action, so please call or email me at Lancit Digital Media if you have questions about how to best use video for your organization.

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