Emotional Videos Get Higher Donations

In this video you will meet 4 year old Talley, whose experiences at Naples Equestrian Challenge (now Naples Therapeutic Riding Center) changed her life and the life of her family.  It was produced for NCEF “Meet the Kids Day,” 2017.     

There is usually a tug of war when producing web videos, gala videos, or presentation videos for Non Profit organizations.  With time limitations in all cases, it is difficult to tell a story and prioritize what is most impactful — messages about need, mission, strategies, positive outcomes, are all important elements in justifying requests for financial support.  And responsible donors, especially the most generous ones, are very savvy and expect accountability in all these areas when considering how to fund their charity interests.

Information is always critical, but there is an even more important aspect of any non-profit’s story when asking for financial support:  Get to the heart of the matter and use video to do it!   We all want to feel that our donations are having a meaningful impact.  And in a competitive environment like Southwest Florida, there is a great deal of competition for those donations.  Video will create a successful tug on the heartstrings that will invariably lead to an effective tug on the wallet, and higher contributions.  Moving people’s emotions and touching their hearts by profiling real people helped by a non profit personalizes and demonstrates need, mission, and strategies in action;  and quantifies positive outcomes in a tangible and touching way.  In a “Show me, don’t tell me” world, video delivers powerful emotional leverage that can deliver significant incremental financial support.

Cecily Lancit