Donor Preferences Study Shows Content is King - And Video is King of Content!

The Naples Children and Education Foundation commissioned this video for their Fund-A-Need Campaign at the 2015 Winter wine Festival.  Why? Because the right combination of facts, expertise, and adorable pre-schoolers drives their mission home while being short, sweet, and to the point.   

Content matters when you are talking to your donors and video can be the most effective leverage you have in telling your story concisely while touching the heart.    It's a competitive fundraising environment, and non profits are well served to deliver what interests their donors in a package that appeals.  In a Donor Preference Study, Abila, the leading provider of software and services to associations, nonprofit organizations, and government entities, discovered some fascinating feedback.

What the Abila study discovered is a must-read for every non profit professional challenged with keeping up with a diverse constituency of donors.  Included in the study are reasons donors give, preferred donor content, and donor attitudes toward how money is given and used by an organization.  

Top headlines:

Content is NOT just king ... it’s money.  Nearly 75 percent of respondents say they might stop donating to an organization based on poor content, including vague content, dull content, irrelevant content, and inconvenient formatting. 

Quality, length, and frequency matter.  Most donors prefer short, self-contained content. More than half of all donors want at least monthly communication (except Millennials, who want to receive content at least twice monthly).

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You can download the full Avila report here