The Power of One: The Fundraiser's Secret Weapon

Organizations can often tell a compelling video story through the eyes of a single person whose life was changed as a result of that organization's help.  In "Clare's Story," Hazelden Betty Ford uses video to convey the authenticity of one person's path to recovery.   In this video we see and feel Clare's truth and are inspired by her courage and willingness to share her personal journey.

Donors want to know their funds are being used to make a significant difference in changing lives for the positive. There is nothing more compelling than using video to present a first-person narrative to share intimate perspectives on overcoming life challenges.   It reminds us of uplifting triumphs of the human spirit and how writing a check or volunteering can be life changing to a special person in need.

Using video to show donors positive outcomes is both powerful and motivational -- justifying the importance of financial support.  We thank Clare for her openness in telling her story of healing and gratitude and showing us how the power of one can inspire us all. 

Cecily Lancit
President, Lancit Digital Media
(239) 676-5722