It's Not Too Late to Produce Your Gala Video!

High end videos have become the newest "Must Have" for Galas and Fundraising Events, and with good reason.  Our non-profit clients are consistently concerned with how to "differentiate" their event,  to "do something new and fresh," to "delight attendees with a surprising twist."

Short of bringing in elephants, holographs of breaching whales, and offering high end expensive "guest stars," the list of feasible, uplifting and informative experiences for Charity events is a tough challenge in Naples, Florida.  But one clear opportunity stands out -- a video presentation that captures need, mission, emotion, and tangible outcomes.  Telling your story with video is the best differentiator you can have on your side.  Video can delight, or bring to tears.  Video can reach purse strings through the heart and mind; it can tell your story by bringing your event guests beyond the doors of the room where they are sitting and out into the real world where work is being done and lives are being impacted.  Seeing is believing.  

If you don't have video for your event this season, give us a call.  It is the best investment you can possible make to differentiate your cause, show your patrons new and fresh stories, and surprise them with an engaging new reminder of your mission. 

You can reach Cecily or Matt at 239-676-5722 or at Cecily@ParadiseCoast.TV