Blue Zones Project SWFL: Year in Review 2018

Did you know that Naples, FL has been declared the healthiest city in America 3 years in a row? This can largely be attributed to the efforts of Blue Zones Project SWFL. Supported and endorsed by Naples Community Hospital, Blue Zones Project SWFL has been transforming our city into one of the best places to live in the world.

Lancit Digital Media has been working with Blue Zones Project SWFL for several years, recording interviews with local business owners, community leaders, and supporters of their cause to help document their progress and spread awareness. This year, we found ourselves in kitchens, colleges, churches, and residential communities, from Ave Maria to Bonita Springs, who have taken the pledge to do their part to make healthy choices easier for the people of SWFL. Below is a look back at all that has been accomplished in 2018.