The key to producing an effective video is telling a compelling story. Your services, statistics, and general company information are essential — but if your video is devoid of any emotional content, then it will fall flat.

Our job as a professional video production team is to dig a little bit deeper. At Lancit Digital Media, we pride our selves on telling human stories. Whether it is for a small non-profit or a big corporation, we make sure to get to know the people behind the operation. What drives them? What is their purpose? What do they like to do on the weekends?

You can load your video with the most impressive stats imaginable, but if it doesn’t touch the audience on a personal level it will be forgettable. It takes time, courage, and experience to dig deep and find the story behind the story.

Take a look at this video we did for Moran Edwards Asset Management. We believe it is a prime example of how to convey the important information while still framing it within the context of a very warm, personal, values driven message.