Encountering an American Hero in Publix

Veterans Day.jpg

In observance of Veterans Day, we here at Lancit Digital Media would like to thank all of the veterans in Southwest Florida and beyond for standing guard and risking their lives, past and present, while we reap the benefits everyday just by being citizens of this great nation.

Thanks to my previous boss, Dr. Lois Bolin, I personally had the pleasure of interviewing and archiving a dozen interviews with World War II veterans for the Library of Congress several years ago. It remains one of my greatest honors and most eye opening experiences.

I'll never forget the time I was waiting in line at Publix, frustrated because the man in front of me was taking so long with his order at the deli. After he finally finished, he turned around and I recognized him. He was one of the veterans I had interviewed. He had survived sniper fire during the Battle of the Bulge in order to save one of his fellow soldiers. I had been waiting in line behind an American hero.

You just never know. So, if you see a Veteran out there, make sure you thank them.