Waking Up Happy: How I Became a Video Producer

I do not see things in black and white. I can’t help but question other people’s opinions, theories, and faith – even when I agree with them. But, if there is one thing that I believe in 100%, it is that you should do everything you can to find your passion and follow it.

The way I see it, if you are going to wake up almost everyday and do something for a living, it should at least gravitate around something that gets your blood pumping. I understand the counter argument: not everyone has that kind of opportunity.

I disagree.

Find a way in. If you make the decision to follow your passion, and you put some willpower behind it, you will find a way in. Most of the time, it won’t happen in a day, but if you aim your sights on something, you’ll start noticing all kinds of opportunities begining to present themselves to you.

I grew up wanting to be Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese. I didn’t think it was likely, but the idea of making movies got my heart racing like nothing else. I made my friends into my actors and made ridiculous videos around my neighborhood and even my college dorm, but I was painfully aware of how bad they were and how far away I was from Hollywood so I figured it was too big of a pipe dream and set my sights on becoming a lawyer.

I became a history major with a minor in law & justice and interned in a couple of different firms through out my college years, but began noticing that on every workday I woke up depressed and on my days off I felt relieved.  I had fallen in love with history, but decided to drop my law & justice minor and start my film studies minor instead. What would I do with a major in history and a minor in film? I had no idea, but I was happy.

After I graduated, I was hired by a Southwest Florida museum for just enough money to eat, as long as I kept the floors clean and helped lift things and move stuff around the different display areas. Then one day, I found an old Sony camera collecting dust in our museum’s storage unit.

From that point on I shot every event we attended, began interviewing war veterans, and just looking for any excuse I could find to continue shooting and editing video. The museum director gave me the newly created title of “Director of Film Resources,” and from that moment all the way until right now, as I sit and write this article as a partner with Lancit Digital Media, I have spent every working day of my life doing what I love.

I’m not advising that you quit your job to become a rapper because you like Jay Z or an astronaut because you want to walk on the moon. What I am advising is that you base your career choices on one simple question: could I wake up every morning and be happy doing this for the rest of my life?

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