Producing Professional Looking Video with Your iPhone

With the quality of video being produced by phones now, it is worth asking the question: can I produce professional quality video using just my phone? The answer: yes!

Here are a few tips:

Lighting is everything. If you are shooting indoors, use windows and lamps to illuminate your subjects. If you are shooting outside, generally speaking, the lower the sun is the better. 

Framing is key. Make sure to frame your subjects properly. Use the rule of thirds as a guideline, but always trust your gut. Also, ALWAYS shoot in landscape mode or horizontally as opposed to vertically. 

Audio is difficult. While we did say you could shoot professional looking video with your phone, we did not say you could record professional sounding audio. If you have some external hardware you could use to capture audio, great. If not, stick to visuals and just use music to enhance the video when editing it. 

Editing can be simple. If you do not have professional editing software or if you are inexperienced, keep it simple, clean, and cheap. Use iMovie or a low priced app and cut your visuals to the music.

Graphics templates are the way to go. If you can include graphics in your video using pre-generated template, do so. To have more custom graphics tailored to fit in with your branding, come talk to us.

In conclusion, it is possible to create very clean and professional looking videos with your phone, but there are still limitations. Professional equipment and experienced producers will be able to convey your story with more visual style, better image quality, professional lighting, and more polished editing and graphics, but don't let that stop you. Videos done from phones have a certain quality of authenticity that can be an extremely effective marketing tool for your business, non-profit, or organization.