DJI Mavic Pro: Review and Picture Profile Settings

The DJI Mavic Pro was one of the most recent drones that was released into the market and has seen a raving number of positive reviews.  After using this drone for about a year now, we can confidently recommend it and have had great success with our footage.  Compared to the other drones out there, the Mavic Pro is extremely light weight, much easier to carry around and very fun to use.  The wings fold up as it can nearly fit right into your pocket.  A dramatic improvement from earlier models.

Some of our most beautiful shots have come from this drone and if you can master the settings and picture profile, the sky is the limit.  Here are the settings that we choose to shoot with here at LDM:


- Sharpness: 0, Contrast: -1, Saturation: -1

- (Unless filming in a high-dynamic-range scenario, then set sharpness at +1.)

- We like to shoot in Manual at 4k and 30fps, which is then conformed to 24fps in post.

- Turn the Over Exposure Warning (aka Zebras) ON

- Try to keep the exposure at 0.0 or slightly above .3 or .7.

- Keep ISO at 100 if possible

- We choose to keep the Gimbal Stop Buffer at 20 and the Gimbal Pitch Speed at 13

- Peak Focus Threshold ON Standard