Video On Your Website: Do You Need It?


Ok ok, need is a strong word, but I am going to stand by my answer: YES! You definitely, positively, absolutely NEED a video on your website. Whether you are a mom & pop shop, an international corporate giant, or a charitable non-profit -- if you don't have video on your website you're missing out!

Video and websites go together like milk and cookies. Not only will video do wonders for your search engine optimization, it is also "The Salesman that Never Sleeps!" That would be a great title for a Hitchcock movie, wouldn't it? When someone lands on your webpage, what is the first thing they see? Is it a bunch of informational text? Not bad. Is it some beautiful high resolution photography? Better! OR... is it a compelling walking talking moving image that gives potential clients, customers, donors, or volunteers a true sense of who you are and what you are all about?

Text and photography are passive by nature. You have to do the work when you come across them. Video on the other hand, initiates the interaction. It begins to speak to the person visiting your page. If done well, it compels them to listen to your story -- and -- if done really well it elicits an emotional response that motivates them to act.

Even if you decide to make a video with your phone, it is better than nothing. The little digital google spiders that crawl all over your site, judging it, deciding if it is something people are interested in, will appreciate that you have rich media, but, before doing that, why not give Lancit Digital Media a call? Talking with us costs you nothing and we would love to help -- even if that just means answering your questions about how video can help your business or organization.

Call us anytime at 239-676-5722. We look forward to meeting you!