Video Camera Pricing: How to Find the Right Option

Looking to purchase a video camera?  Or are you just simply curious about the pricing?  Either way, we here at LDM can give you a good idea of just how expensive or inexpensive some of this equipment may be.  There are a lot of options out there so it may be a little overwhelming for some when they are hitting the market for a new video camera. 

Our favorite toy that we choose to shoot with is the Sony FS5.  This thing is a beast and has provided us with some of our most beautiful content.  The settings are extremely versatile and offer variations based on how experienced you are behind the lens.  Sony made it fairly simple to just pick this thing up and shoot; but once you start to get the hang of it, you can do some pretty amazing work with it. 

The Sony FS5 came out in mid 2015 but has proved to be one of the more timeless cameras available, as it is still very relevant.  Today, this camera will run for anywhere around $4,500 to $5,000.  And again, this is just one of our own personal favorite cameras.  There are numerous options out there if your budget is tight, such as a simple handheld camera you can pick up from Best Buy, running from anywhere between $200 and above.  A GoPro is another cheaper option if you shoot a lot outside and on the go.  Those are now running anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to upwards of $600. 

It is tough to produce a stunning picture without the best equipment.  We chose to buy the Sony FS5 back in 2015 because we knew the capabilities of it and the fact that it would be a great camera for a very long time.  So, do some of your own thorough research and find something catered to your needs, as there is something out there for everybody.